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MSU Com Week

For COM week 2014, I was only able to go to one speaker, Paige Oxendine. Before COM week started I looked at the flyer to decide who I was going to go listen to, because I knew it was going to be a busy week. When scanning through the list of speakers I saw that someone from the Chamber was coming to speak, then I saw that is was Paige. Paige is a friend of a friend of mine, and we had met a few times. I had no idea that she worked there and instantly knew this work be a great networking opportunity.

3 main points I learned from Paige were:

·         Network, network, network

·         Its ok to know the least in the room

·         Ask questions

Paige told us that not all companies include have the job listings online, and it is good to keep in touch with people because they could be the reason you get a job or not. Prior to this week I had been doing a little job searching, although I know I want to work for the American Cancer Society, it is always good to have a backup plan. One of the first websites I went to was the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, my aunt had worked for the Republic Chamber so I kind of had an idea for what they are about. Once at the website I could not find their job listing anywhere, so I just assumed that there were not any available at the time. The Chamber is one of those companies, now that I know that, I can keep in touch with Paige and continue to work alongside with her in the community.

One thing I liked that she said was “its ok to know the least in the room.” I completely agreed with that. Knowing the least does not mean you do not serve a value, it means you could see something in a different light then someone else might see.

Along with it being ok to know the least in the room, it is ok to ask questions. Asking question doesn’t mean you are not smart enough, it means you care enough to make sure you do something right. She also mentioned that it is hard to get second chances in the professional world, so ask questions if you don’t understand.

Overall I enjoyed Paige’s speech! I enjoyed her honesty and insight. She is a great example of a MSU Alumni.