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And The Winner Is….

If you were not watching the Oscars tonight, you could probably tell who the winners were by the out pouring statuses and tweet’s. Something’s I saw that were common throughout the social media sites were:

  • Jared Leto’s hair
  • Jennifer Lawrence and her gracefulness
  • Ellen’s selfie

Even in pre-Oscar coverage everyone was talking about how Jared Leto would fix his beautiful locks. Some said the most shocking thing he could do, would be to cut it off, but don’t worry he did not do that. He wore it nice long, flowing and pared it with white tux jacket and burgundy bow tie. He was dressed for success and that’s what he received, Jared took home the Academy Award for supporting actor, for his role in Dallas Buyer Club.

Oh Jennifer, she just can’t catch a break! At last year’s Oscars, Jennifer tripped while walking up the stairs to receive her award. While that was very embarrassing, if people were not already in love her, they were after that. She handled it with grace and was able to recover while gaining even more Jennifer Lawrence followers. Just when people were starting to forget about it, it was time for the Oscars again. While exiting from her vehicle, Jennifer did it again, this time tripping over an orange safety cone… or should we say “not so” safety cone. Even in the opening monologue Ellen poked fun at Mrs. Lawrence, but the easy going girl that she is, took it in stride. Although nominated, Jennifer did not win this year.

Tonight’s Oscar host was Ellen Degeneres, between buying pizza for the crowd and dressing up as Glenda the Good Witch, she nailed it. Midway through the show Ellen took a group “selfie” with many of the nominees from tonight in it including, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad and Angelina, Bradly Copper (a.k.a. My Husband) and many more. In 45 minutes the tweet had 2,070,441 retweets and 761,612 favorites. That just shows how much influence Ellen has and to that I say “you go girl!” At the end of the night, Ellen was the real winner.

If you did not watch the Oscars tonight, don’t worry, it will be what everyone is talking about on the news tomorrow morning!