Find Your Place, Follow Your Passion (Cont.)

When Missouri State launched their new campaign, Find Your Place, Follow Your Passion, my first thought was “What does that even mean? Shouldn’t it say, follow your passion and find your place?” It wasn’t until the second semester of my senior year that the slogan finally became clear. Before, I told you how I found my place and now I will tell you about how I am following my passion.
In my last blog I ended with “Participant to committee member, committee member to co-chair, and co-chair to the current Colleges Against Cancer President.”

After being nominated for Outstanding Student Leader of the Year from my Missouri State peers, some might say I am going out with a bang. But what does that all mean? Does it mean in five weeks then our event has come and gone, I am just done? Does it mean that in 5 months when I walk cross the graduation stage I will never think about Relay For Life other than a memory? Of course not, these are all just building blocks for where I want to be after graduation. I found my place and I will keep following my passion to the American Cancer Society.

Stating this May I will start my final stretch of school with an internship with the American Cancer Society. If I didn’t already have a large step in the door, this will get me even closer to where I want to be. After graduation, starting in August, I would love to work for the American Cancer Society.

Nothing fuels your passion like the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, earlier this year one of my dad’s first cousins (more like an uncle to me) lost his battle with cancer. Even if working for the American Cancer Society doesn’t work out, I will continue to Relay in memory of him and all of the others who have lost their battle to cancer!


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