Commercial Review

Since the Twilight vampire craze started in 2008 we have seen many businesses trying to appeal to the madness by having vampire or werewolf themed commercials, but the best one so far has to be the 2012 Audi Super Bowl Commercial named Vampire Party. The commercial starts off by showing what looks to be a group of people having a bon fire, you soon realize is that it is a vampire bon fire. The second scene is a good looking male driving a brand new Audi, he is also a vampire. He is bringing blood for the party, kind of like a guy bringing drinks to a party in a beer commercial. As he winds around the curvy road and pulls in to the field everyone gets excited to see him but then his lights end up making the vampires disappear in to thin air. In the end, when he gets out of the car, he walks in front of his lights and ends up disappearing also. Everyone knows that when vampires are in bright lights, like the sun light, they die.

When talking about the general appeal of the ad, it seems to be more persuasive because it is trying to convince you that the lights are so bright, they could kill a vampire. The ultimate goal is to feature the Audi’s new LED headlights. This product helps to see well when night driving and promises to kill vampires when they are in the way.
When using Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, this commercial would be self- actualization because it uses your creativity, problem solving and acceptance of facts. The persuasive stagey used would be metaphor because they say the lights are so bright they could kill vampires. This ad has a positive appeal and the only fallacy it may have is that vampires are not real.

Characters are very important in commercials. This commercial had characters that mimetic vampire tendency. The man driving the Audi is a very attractive, mid 20’s and very fit in a way to make you think that you would look like that if you drive an Audi too.
In the elements of the advertisement were well done. They used dark shades to show the ways of a vampire. The shots were all spot on. It showed the car driving and showed the point of view of the headlights when it killed the vampire. I chose this ad because I thought it was funny and I thought it show good metaphors. This ad was very effective and was on many top 10 super bowl ad awards.


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