Polices? Check!…..Now What?

In the post below, I discussed questions you should ask you self when making a social media policy. After you have made you social media policy and covered almost every issue you can think of, then it hits you… “How do I tell all of the other employees what the policy is and how the process goes when there is an issue?” You answer is, a process map. A process map is kind of like a “chose your own adventure” book, you start at the top and work your way down. They are very simple to make and very helpful to employees. When making a process map you need to know the 4 shapes;

Start & End

An oval is used to show the materials, information or action to start the process or to show the results at the end of the process


A box or rectangle is used to show a task or activity performed in the process. Although multiple arrows may come into each box, usually only one arrow leaves each box.


A diamond shows those points in the process where a yes/no question is being asked or a decision is required.


A circle with either a letter or a number identifies a break in the process map and is continued elsewhere on the same page or another page.

Below is a power point with an example of not only what a process map looks like, but also how to correct one that is already in place. The first photo is an existing process map and the second is a updated version.




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