Social Media Polices

Having a social media policy for a company is very important, with cites like Facebook and Twitter, it is a good way to stay connected with your market. In the article The Key to Developing a Social Media Strategy (Falls, 2009) Jason Falls gives 11 questions to ask your company when constructing a social media policy.

 “•What types of people do we want to talk to?

•Where do we find them?

•What are they talking about already?

•Is it appropriate for us to join that conversation and, if so, when?

•How do we inject usefulness into the conversation without being overly promotional?

•What value can we provide in terms of knowledge, opinion or content?

•How can we earn their trust?

•When we do earn their trust, how can we best ask for their input into our product or service?

•Under what circumstances can we point the conversation toward considering our product?

•Can we say or do something that invites someone else to point the conversation toward considering our product?

•How shall we apologize and regroup if we overstep their comfort level or accuse us of violating their trust?” (Falls, 2009)       

I like these questions because I feel they talk about all aspects of social media. The four years I worked for the Springfield Cardinals, it was our mission to make the fans feel like they being involved with what was going on…Like they were a part of something much more than just a baseball game. I felt that our social media was like that as well. We had a promotion that was Instagram based, fans would take a picture the upload it to Instagram with a special hashtag, then the media specialist would pick a favorite. After the winner was picked, they would show the picture on the big screen. That whole process answered many of those questions without much effort.

“How do we inject usefulness into the conversation without being overly promotional?” (Falls, 2009): Give them hashtag and they will fill like they are a part of the in-between inning games, it will also let their followers know they are at the game and that they are having fun.     

“How can we earn their trust?” (Falls, 2009): By showing the winning picture to everyone proving that they are seeing the pictures.

Those are just a couple of examples of the questions above and how they could be applied to that situation. If you have any questions on how the other questions would work, please comment below. At the end of the day, you want your social media websites to be a place where customers can talk about things they like, ask questions and feel comfortable enough that if they are unhappy they can say so and not feel like their com will be ignored. For more social media polices and tips go to:



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